Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Everyone loves Maps - Andy Kemp

1. Why use maps?
A. I have geograhpic information
2. It's nice to see on the map
C. People ask for it
D. People question maps less*    *100% true according to Andy
Maps add context to the information presented.

When should you use a map? Basically when you start the question 'WHERE'?

2. Mapping Basics

Your data + Geocoding + Background Map gives you mapping in Tableau. 

You can tell Tableau to give a geographic role and if you aren’t using any geographic data, Tableau doesn’t do any geocoding to remove the performance overhead.

Cities with populations of 15,000 people or more have a stored longitude and latitude in the Tableau geocoding database.

Tableau now supports the same hotkey shortcuts as Google Maps and the other major mapping tools.

Pairing up dashboard actions with maps can be insanely powerful. I always forget how much context this adds to the dashboard. 

New definitions for unknown options: 1. Show at default positions - umm place a mark in the middle of the map. 2. Filter data - ahh, just get rid of them! Lovely descripitions. 

3. Next Level Techniques
A. You can add your own geocoding for data specific to your own organisation
B. Background images - floor plans, campus buildings, transportation maps etc

C. Mapbox - you can create your own background mapping (and horrendousness too!)
D. Don't forget about the power of WMS mapping. The Netherlands has a lot of the best free WMS services available worldwide.

Nice explanation of Polygon mapping too (to build Choropleth maps)

4. What's New?
A. 9.3 Support for polygon boundaries for postal code for 42 European countries. Restrict end user support
B. Coming soon - being able to put shape files straight in to Tableau
C. In 10 - being able to roll up from 5 digit postcodes to 4 digit postcodes to 3 digit etc

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