Wednesday, 24 October 2018

TC18 - Devs on Stage

Tableau have a 1,000 developers working across the product suite

Dashboards - Amanda Luthy
Transparent background on visualisations in dashboards. Transparent Layout Containers too (now called zones) 2018.3
Toggle zone visibility - like the former hamburger menu pop-out 2018.3
Vector tile maps - more responsive mapping.
New background maps - topographic and satellite styles to build on traditional Tableau mapping
Navigation buttons - no more workarounds. Work even with hidden tabs (a favourite annoyance of most users). Can choose custom images 2018.3
Export to PowerPoint (excuse me whilst I cry a little - not with glee) 2019.1

Collaboration- Alex Vertin
Public - 1.5 m vizzes, 1.5 billion views
Add Attribution to Tableau Public
New Alert side panel on Server - add yourself to an existing alert 2019.1
New mobile app - biometric authentication, project navigation, interactive offline previews (scrolling, highlighting and tooltips) 2019.1
Automatic phone layouts - can still edit yourself 2019.1

Data Model - Swati Srivastav
The challenge of Tableau forming single tables often makes for large extracts and slower extracts (2018.3)
Multiple Table extracts start to solve this. HyPer can hold tables separately.
Security - encryption at rest
Drag and drop file load in web edit, federated joins and custom sql
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Developer - Keshia Rose
Extension gallery updates
Extension API updates - write back updates
Support for webhooks - push notifications for events on server (ie failed extracts), can send feeds in to Slack / Convo etc will include snapshot

Analytics - Denny Bromley
Filtered nested sorting (sorting in a single column or a single row but both of the sorts persist)
Parameter actions - parameters filled by any of the action types (creates a lot more dynamic analysis). Time calculations - more interactive and simple once parameter actions set up
Set actions - sets hold multiple values where as parameters just hold one. Add elements to sets by just clicking. Click on one element to drill further (ie just one section of the treemap or table to drill in to a hierarchy further)

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