Tuesday, 23 October 2018

UBS - Deploying Tableau at Scale

Paul Banoub

Runs a CoE (Centre of Excellence)
Self service model

Ability to handle a growing amount of work
Scalability involves performance, maintenance and expenditure
14,000 unique monthly users on server now compared to starting this on a box under his desk

Infrastructure and Tableau Architecture
Online gives you scalability but you lose control of some elements (Postgres database)
48 core environment (v10.3)
Different environments: Production, DR, UAT, Engineering, alpha, beta and Tabjolt / tabmon/ Viz alerts
Build the relationships with the infrastructure departments to get the best of their support and facilities
Upgrades are great but increase require more hardware. You can disable if you need to.
Keep close to Postgres, you will be rewarded to do so
Use open source tools to help avoid harder challenges (like tabjolt / log shark / lumberjack etc). Tableau Replayer - can push historical logs back in to a server environment to show what has happened and why
Splunk to aggregate logs to then do the analysis and not be at risk of handling sensitive data

Service & Support
Use an appropriate service model - how much self-service vs governed?
Self service best for scalability as lowest central demand
Focus on talent recruitment and keep up with R&D
Beware of key dependencies
Efficiency - get the help requests to the right place - servicenow for tickets, Tableau Doctor for the harder stuff and forums for the questions
Users can not be trusted
Housekeeping - delete after 100 days, old subscriptions binned, long running extracts

Training and Community
Create a community with whichever social hub your company offers
Use Tableau champions as an extension of your team
Beware cultural challenges

Vendor & Costs
Customer success program pushing UBS to do more as much as UBS pushes Tableau
Understand your Total Cost of Ownership
Understand the other tools so you know whether they are good or not and why


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