Tuesday, 23 October 2018

TC18 - Opening Keynote

Tableau prep developments
Data roles - built in definitions for email address, URL (all within one click on the smart recommendation icon).
Custom data role - create your own rules
Recommendations for fixing data (filter or fix)
Highlighting the flow - highlights where changes have been made based on the field you select
R and Python scripts able to be run in Prep (ie sentiment scoring)
Tableau Prep Conductor - add-on to server to publish and administer flows. Sits in alongside the existing server.

Data Modelling
Choose source table and then choose ‘related tables’.
As long as Primary and Other kres are set-up then the rest of the dataset will be formed
Tableau will automatically work out which table to pick so it avoids duplication
Measures are part of the table of origin rather than just being pushed together
Will determine the join type to use (reducing the need to scaffold)

Natural Language
Ask Data coming in 2019.1
Type in what you want to analyse / just ask your question and Tableau will form the visualisation which can then ask further questions of

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