Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pimp my Viz: Tokyo Drift - Jewel Loree

Jewel Loree

Taking crazy tips on how to create cool dashboards

Viz 1: Jewel’s Pokemon Go viz
For device designer, text doesn't resize but images do so take images of your titles
Helper buttons are great and useful - create a basic view of just a shape and the customise the tooltip
Jewel’s way to build unit charts is great - she's going to post the calcs on her blog and I will add a photo later [add photo here - remind me if I don’t]
Bring custom shapes in in the same order as the dimension so you can just click assign palette to save having to allocate them all individually
Mapbox used to create a similar map style to match Pokemon Go’s maps
To have different vizzes on your device specific dashboards, then just have the floating element just catching the edge of the dash (please make this easier tableau)

Viz 2: Data Breaches by Marc Schonwadt
There is a lot of custom formatting that you can do with text.
Check out the layout tab to see how someone has built their viz
Hiding index menus using layout containers (set up the hidden element as sitting at negative whatever the width of the layout container.
Jewel just copied across the dashboard which pulled in Robert Rouse’s technique dash to take his helper data with it. Make sure you don’t fit the width as it no longer collapse.

Everyday Pimping
Use custom colours
Do more with the Marks Card
Create custom headers
Always fix your tooltips
Thoughtful interactions

Putting a label on the bar and take away the header. Put the rows on the label and align the text to the left. Then fatten your bars.
Sort your bubble charts but sorting your dimension and sort on what is setting the size
Create custom header called Canva

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