Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Data16 Keynote

9th annual customer conference.

8,947 people at their first conference.

Tableau marking a difference for companies at huge scale all the way through to individuals.

Maps give huge amounts of data in simple form and allow for multi-faceted visualisations. VizQL allows any dataset to be accessible to anyone.

Tableau looking to bring in:
viz in tooltips
Multi layers of visualisations

Tableau are conscious that databases are not necessary fast enough. In-memory data work is important. HyPer is the next step for this.

Five key areas moving forward:
Visual analytics
Data engine
Data management

Visual Analytics
Instant analytics
Time and space
Natural language

Instant analytics
Reference lines with key numbers
Select time and the call out labels will show change (taken from Vizable)
Instant multiple visualisations to push you to explore new angles
Summary of the clusters when you hover over the cluster to show the key attributes about that cluster
Time & Space analytics
Add geographic elements just based on the long / lat of the data. You won't need the data fields there. Tableau will do that for you.
Long / lat to join data sets
Drag and drop indexing of time based data

Natural Language support
Lets you type the question you want to know and Tableau will add elements that allow you to filter by the ambiguous terms. Called Eviza.

Data Engine
From next year we will have access to this - faster data analysis, data ingestion and enterprise scalability
HyPer can load and analyse data at the same time. Real time ingestion.

Data Management
Balance between governance and freedom
Certified data sources by key server users so the users know that data source is correct and accurate
Icons to show when users have added calculations to the data source. Quick way to recommend new data field be added to the certified data source
Data fields measured by how often they are used
Seeing which workbooks are created from the data source and which fields are used where. Can add data fields with just drag and drop.

Data preparation
Project Maestro - new product for data prep and integration
Drag and drop joins within reference tables
Maestro available later next year

Three aims: connectivity, simplicity, anywhere
Live query agent - a secure tunnel through to on premise data sources
Prebuilt templates of dashboards as datasets are consistent with cloud applications
Aim by end of next year to have everything in browser editing that is in Desktop
Save once, see everywhere - save offline and then published when next on the web
Server has recommendations on how to manage capacity and the a couple of clicks to update
Tableau server on Linux - ready for release next year

Drive a culture of analytics
Machine learning on server to serve up individual preferences
Discussion chat in the server browser and desktop
Data driven alerting is coming soon - simple click on the metric to set up
Metrics - save metrics from different dashboards to pull the key elements of your business together
Safe and secure discovery - personal sand boxing and team sand boxes too

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