Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Web Data Connectors

Craig Bloodworth

There are many data sources that would help us understand the world around us that are still only exporting .csv so how do you automate these? Web Data Connector

There are resources out there. You need the Simulator and SDK. Don’t be afraid to google and use other people’s code.

The WDC allows you to use a connection that is hosted on a webpage (and been written by someone else) and works just like a Driver for a database.

HTML – the building blocks of the page
CSS – the styling of the page
Javascript – the engine that is running in the background.

In Javascript there are Variables (like a Parameter in Tableau), Objects (a Variable that has many properties) and Functions (the elements that do the work)

HTML DOM – native set of functions to Javascript
J Query – a bit quicker to write

Event Listeners – waiting for certain user actions like a click

Arrays – like a shopping list
AJAX – how to connect to an external web service
JSON – hopefully the data will be in JSON as it is made for Javascript
Loops & Logic – need to be able to loop through those

Recommended read: Javasccript & Jquery by Jon Duckett

Major components: 1. User interface, 2. API interactions & config, 3. Decalre column names and data types, 4. Build data table
Major Compnents in coded order: 1. Declare column  names and data types, 2. build data table, 3. API interactions & config, 4. User interface.

Build through adjusting an existing WDC to help you see the changes you are making to see the effects.


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