Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Data15 - NFL Digital Media: 32 Teams, 1 Dashboard

Presented by Allison Brown (AB) Senior Analyst, National Football League

Analysing all the digital media channels the league has. Used by all the teams.

Challenges: Reports were in Excel, wanted simple reporting, siloed datasets and no transparency between the clubs

Solution: Surveyed clubs to see what they were using, 29 clubs agreed to share their data, wanted infographic feel, need to combine 100 data feeds in to one interactive dashboard

First formative step was to create basic visualisations to augment the initial Excel reports

Switched to Tableau Online to avoid server set-up

Custom iconography gives it more of an interactive feel

Education was a challenge: Held a webinar to walkthrough functionality, set-up a google form for feedback, utilised comments to increase communication

Dashboard first iteration promoted all 32 teams to share and not just the 29. 90% of clubs log in at least once a week. The decisions about content creations are now being data driven

A few of the teams are using Tableau independently just from using the initial dashboards

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