Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Minority Report in Tableau

Allan Walker, Anya Ahern and Jeffrey Schaffer

Preface: There are not enough words that I can use to describe this session. The experimental work done by these amazing Tableau Zens is phenomenal. I have given hints at what the content is below but until you see some of the techniques the team have come up with, you can only use your imaginations. That is what this session is about. Using the fundamentals in Tableau and setting up experiences to allow you to interact with the tool in an entirely new way.


Where it started: Tableau Reader was all there used to be until Tableau Server arrived. But that wasn’t enough!

The Javascript API allows you so much access to try to do anything.

The CSS set-up allows you to do a whole lot of fun interaction.

The team have created the ability to take the visualisations from Tableau Server and create your own webpage.

Reveal.js – can create slide transitions but loads the visualisations up front

The team have used Leap Motion to interact with visualisations by just hand movements (and not with a mouse!)

Anya has taken inspiration from the James Bond film Skyfall to create real time crime, traffic, fire and weather data. All pulled together and controlled using voice and Leap Motion control.

I wish there was a video of this session as there is so much possible and it really is the future!
What the team wanted to do was to get the Minority Report all built in Tableau. And the team actually has. Wanted to build parallel processing, animated, movable and resizable and they nailed it.

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