Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tableau on Tour - One Shade of Orange - Paul Chapman

Paul is co-host of the London Tableau User Group

BI Journey
EasyJet profit by seat of £8.12
65 million passengers per year, with 85% on time performance. 1,500 staff in HQ
Two key values – Safety first, Customer Focus
BI theme – getting the whole picture for agile decision making
3 years ago – data and reporting outsourced to 3rd parties (read “slow & expensive”)
Could only get part of the story as the data sets were too large for the data set being analysed

2 desktop licence proof-of-concept
EasyJet partnered with The Information Lab for server deployment, training, mapping support etc
Focused on rolling out to ‘Purple people’ (a mix of analytics and business skills)
CEO asked for the demo to be in their own data – Paul made it so it already was!
Paul wanted to change standards of reporting to create consistency and introduce visualisation best practice
Starting to look at Alteryx to support the Tableau work

Viz Standards
Paul condensed down Stephen Few’s guidelines to create better analytics
Orange, Grey and Blue introduced to get away from Red, Amber and Green
Information Buttons on dashboards to help Consumers make the most of their data
What is going to be different for the CEO? Paul’s honest answer was not a lot apart from speed. Paul highlighted the 4 or 5 chains of command the request goes through to cobble together the ‘beautified question’.
-        “Tangible changes to the way that our analysts work”

Live Demos
Paul took us through a full safety briefing before introducing his live demos
Blending aircraft communcations with PlaneFinder.net API to track routes actually flown
Using Tableau to show the difference between expected journey vs actually flown (timing and fuel usage)
Using routes against maps to see how the pilot is making choices to avoid noise pollution for wealthy areas

Allocated seating – 3 price rows when introduced
Analyse was completed on these numbers. Paul and the team used Tableau to show a custom background image to show where people were sitting on a flight. Different images used to show the different planes.
People are prepared to pay to sit as far forward as possible for the least price.
EasyJet board use their iPads instead of their laptops to consume their dashboards

Paul is testing deploying dashboards through the Apple Watch to keep decision makers close to their data / information.

Birdstrikes are an issue for EasyJet and are therefore monitoring when and where they are happening to insure the correct maintenance is being done to their aircraft.

Showing the impact of strikes by French Aircraft control can help the company understand how to respond to such issues. 

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