Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tableau on Tour - Nik Stoychev from easyJet - To the Moon and Back (every day)

1,400 - 1,700 flights per day between 26 bases
Flying A319s and A320s
The planes generate a lot of data: ACARs (event triggers), Fuel Data, WOAR (Quick Access Recorder), Flight Planning Data
The data sources are numerous and varied. The plane often transfers the data when on the ground.
The co-ordinates for the planes used to have to be manually input but this is now automated through ACARs
Nik uses Alteryx to manipulate the data ready for visualisation in Tableau. The analysis done feeds in to the fuel efficiency overheads as EasyJet (as with all other airlines) have to carry at least x% of fuel (number not given) as a safety reserve.
Flight path accuracy used to be quite poor. It was previously enhanced with Excel. Now the work is done in Alteryx to make the process less manual and more efficient.

Bird strikes are shown as a slide of an Angry Bird being fired at an EasyJet plane – best slide so far this conference.
-        The desired goal is to match bird migration patterns with flight direction so the planes don’t get hit (and need to be serviced) and birds don’t die.

Lots of the reporting completed is for the benefit of the regulator as much as the business. Proving flight safety is very important and mapping the data against normal performance under stressed conditions (ie one engine only) what would happen?

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