Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tableau on Tour London 2015 - Keynote

Opening Keynote

Andy Cotgreave takes the stage…
Attendees arriving from all over the UK, Europe and in to the Middle East and Africa (yes there was a viz to prove that!)

James Eiloart – Extending Our Senses, Unleashing the Human Intellect with Tableau
Making discoveries with data is what making working with data so exciting
Neil DeGrasse-Tyson describes discovery using the metaphors of light – what if we could look through infra-red or night-vision
-        Tolame in Ancient Egypt sees that stars are moving across the night sky and therefore assume everything is rotating round the Earth. He was limited by technology that couldn’t test his theory further.
-        17th Century – two dutch inventory use a convex lens and concave lens in the same tube. They just invented the Telescope
-        Later in that century – Galileo turns the telescope to the night’s sky. Technology helps the findings and discoveries grow even further
-        1920s – US Prohibition kicks in – Hubble discovers stars are spread across the universe. Hubble had the same data set (the night’s sky) but he had the technology to support his discoveries to see the infinite (discuss!!) expanse

Francois Ajenstat – new in v9 – Smart Meets Fast
Faster performance, smart maps, LoD expressions, data preparation and New Server & Online
The developments keep coming!
Tableau 9.0 adopted 70% faster than 8.2 (the Mac and R release!)
Tableau Online ‘Analytics in the Cloud’
-        SAML support, SSL Connectivity, SSAE-16
-        Live DB Connectivity
-        Online Sync
-        Custom Logos, Embedding
Tableau Online – is Tableau Server but just a hosted version so it gives you online authoring too (desktop in your browser)
For on-premise synchronisation – there is now the ability to sync to the premise rather than having to go to the cloud for each update
Tableau 9.1 updates that are coming
-        Enterprise – 2-way SSL, Sync Active Direcotry on a Schedule, Auto Update (update your desktop)
-        Data – SAP Improvements (SAP HANA Single-Sign-On, Prompts, SAP BW Extracts), Support for Google Cloud SQL & Microsoft Azure DW, Adding a Web Data Connector
-        Analytics – Updates to the Analytic pane
-        Mobile – 9.1 app update will be a big step forward
Web Connector to Google Sheets, Facebook stats etc opens up a whole load of possibilities for new visualisation and analysis. Allows Tableau to link in to Quandl too (Francois showing off Craig’s Quandl connector)
-        Median with 95% Confidence Interval (listening to customer feedback)
-        Calculation Editor now in Filter dialogue box
-        Allowing the map to stop paning/zooming
-        Radial map selector – now showing meters / miles on the radial
-        Offline sync allows you to explore your data on the move
-        Your favourites will be offline sync’d by manual log-in but auto-updates coming in later versions

-        App is a compliment to the server but the new features will only work with v9.0 or v9.1

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