Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tableau on Tour - Paul Banoub – Sweet Viz O’ Mine,Tableau at UBS

 Centre of Excellence at UBS and how it was developed
Paul’s role focuses on building the Tableau Service – Server, Desktop and improved use of visualisation best practices
-        Training & education – sessions design by me! (self-promotion)
-        Industry events – including London User Group – builds the relationship with Tableau
-        Consultancy Partnerships
-        Data Viz Community at the heart of the growth
This session is about the human side of the CoE and how to keep it growing, analysing it and turbo charging the improvement.
Try before you buy  (10 Server Interactor, 20 desktops) was how UBS started. Gave licences to people for only a couple of weeks but then took them away to allow someone else to try.
-        Obviously various people purchased to allow the growth to kick-off
-        Getting the Tableau Trail available for internal download was a big step forward
-        PoC should be about the full end-to-end experience and gaining analytical benefit
Establish the community
-        Users were slowly building < 100 in first year, < 300 in year two and now 1,300 in year three
Service Review Group
-        Get senior stakeholders on board and keep asking them questions
Create a great vibe
-        In a Tableau’s deployment case – use the Tableau vibe!
-        Make the content short and sweet
-        The Jive Connection page gives a hub to share activity and content
Maintaining & Growing Service
-        Invite people as soon as you have contact with someone
-        Get Tableau to help you bring you links in your own organisation who you might not be aware of
-        Tableau Touchpoint – get great at demoing and keep shouting about it
Making it fun, Make it Useful
-        Clearly show people how they can get started
-        Make it a Platform – allow others to tell their story and sell their own work that the service has enabled
-        Make it Passionate – be a little controversial
-        By getting others involved – a senior director got involved to write the .tps colour files for the team who had no direct involvement in the team
-        Use Postgres database to mine the actual data showing how your service is being used
-        Mark Jackson created some great content
-        Dave Hart from Interworks created a cracking set of custom admin views for UBS
The service has now grown to “where it isn’t a toy anymore”

Update regularly to keep users knowledgeable and informed about your service and where it is developing