Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Vegas Data17 - Opening Keynote Brief Notes

Adam Selipsky
61,000 customers in 100+ countries
Data Myths - created to replace the unknown and create reasons for what happens
#1 AI will replace the analyst. Actually AI is likely to assist the analyst. Tableau is smart software. Drag and drop of Clusters and Trend. Natural Language Processing will take out some of the technical barriers.
#2 Data is only for the analysts. More data programs in Higher Education. 800 million knowledge workers. Excel used to be taught in university, now school children use it. Tableau aiming for the same.
#3 Data governance means no. Data is valuable so needs to be protected. But that’s the old model - the bottleneck has been removed. Governance should means secure enablement.
Honeywell deals in human safety. It needs to have appropriate data ready at appropriate times. Giving multiple environments with clear transitions between them helps to manage creation at all levels. 20,000+ users within two years as the right mix of options gives governance and flexibility.
#4 There can be one, perfect source of truth. Innovation is so rapid that you can predict the different sources and combinations of these. We live in a world of many sources of truth. We have to embrace that. Tableau invests in all of the flexibility that you need. Go past the hype and try the tools. 

Francois Ajenstat
Myth - BI platforms take power away from the people. Often designed for specialist. Tableau focuses on people. 

100+ features added in Tableau over the last year. 50+ came from the community.

10.5 in beta today
Viz in Tooltips 

Data Engine
Hyper is the new Data Engine. Tableau Data Engine was great. But time to scale up. Hyper instant compared to 25 second load where heavy calculations are used. Extract creation will also be massively improved (3 million rows live SQL) double the speed in Hyper. Hyper doesn’t sort the data like a TDE. 500 million rows isn’t possible with TDE, Hyper is possible. No migration necessary - just use 10.5 and it’s there.
Data prep
Still working with existing data prep partners but not everyone has this - introducing Maestro. Data profiles gives you a sense of your data. Filter outliers with normal exclude functionality that you find in Tableau. Grouping through Fuzzy Clustering to sort poorly entered data. Clear view of the changes made through the transformation. Drag and drop joins and unions. Very simple join and cleaning of joins. Maestro in beta this quarter
Extensions API
Makes additions in to Tableau rather than Tableau in to other applications. Dashboards becoming their own applications. Dashboard Extensions create two-way communication with the data source.

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