Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What’s Next for Tableau - Andrew Beers

“This next hour isn’t about me, it’s all about you”

Three principles and how Tableau is answering them:

  1. People who know the data should ask the questions
Profile: bring domain knowledge rather than the SQL-coding skills to get to the data to answer the questions

2. Software should be designed for deeper thinking
Profile: Not simplistic products, simple ways to do complex things
After the first five minutes of simplicity there has to be more [complexity]...to let you have the impact you want to have

3. Analytics at Scale can drive change
Profile: Analytics at scale can solve the big problems in the world

Last 12 months in the Tableau world has gone from 10.0 to 10.3
Half of the 130 improvements came from ideas on the Ideas forum
Loving that Tableau is on a ‘quarterly’ cadence

So how does Tableau help us achieve this?

Data Prep: “If you can’t connect to the data then you can’t analyse it”
So need to connect to all data (pdf, cloud files, Eloqua, Service Now etc)
Hybrid engine: Fast Live & In-memory, Cross DB Federation
Data Prep: Self Service, export to csv

PDF - shows all the tables in the pdf when loaded into Tableau. Can pivot
JSON - Tableau detects the structure. When connection to JSON, if you have multiple rows then Tableau will create the LoD measures removing the duplication for you

Answer More Questions
More ways to change lines (regular, stepped or jump lines)
Tooltip selections: Using dimensions in the tooltip to enable highlighting other other marks that allow the common elements to be highlighted.
Dashboard element sizing - ‘Distribute Evenly’
Python / R integration - use SCRIPT_REAL function

Collaboration at Scale
Sharing / Governance
Anywhere Web & Mobile
Tableau is now watching how the whole community is using the common joins done to ‘recommend’ what tables to join on
Alerting - can schedule regularity of alerts

Big changes coming soon:

Linux: cost saving / ease of management / technical skills of IT / more security control
Hyper: support for very large data sizes (billions of rows), faster queries, much faster extract creation, scalable (mid summer public beta)
Maestro: Complete visibility for immediate understanding (coordinated views aid understanding)

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