Friday, 17 October 2014

England and Wales House Prices - the continued rise despite market fall

Ever since Ben Jones created a fantastic 'Connected Scatterplot' in Tableau about baseball (see this)
and then seeing Robert Kosara speak at the Tableau Conference in Seattle highlighting the effectiveness
of a connected scatterplot to tell a story, I was hoping to stumble across a data set that was suitable -
well I found one.

Tom at The Information Lab managed to lay his hands on a dataset (using his Alteryx skills to make it
viz-able) on every house sales in England and Wales since 1995 - that's 19 million records folks.

Whilst investigating this data, I started to look at trend over time and Robert's Kosara's words came back
to me about how time doesn't have to be on the x-axis. So this is what I have come up with to look at the
overall trend of house price sales against that of my postcode district where I bought a flat two years ago.

...and yes, we really do talk about house prices in Britain more than the weather now!

So how do you make one of these beauties? Well I thought a video would be easier to follow than typing instructions so let me know if you need any other details. You can create your own titles at

You can find the video here at this link


  1. Don't forget that you showed people how to do this (minus the lines) at the 2013 Tableau Conference in a certain top rated session....

  2. True Pete but it's another demonstration of why I love scatterplots and their storytelling ability. The customer lifecycle worms are great but I think there is a very different usage for connected scatters (more disparate data mostly)

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