Sunday, 9 February 2014

Previously on 24...

Fate made me make the first 24 visualisation due to a conversation in the office, and it has had it's hand in this follow up entry too.

With the help of the previous entry, my blog hit 24 hundred views (2,469 to be precise) so a follow up had to be made - fate made it so!

So what else can be looked at in 24 through the eyes of adata visualiser? Deaths, thats what. I stumbled up (read googled) a great source of 24 knowledge - a wiki dedicated to 24! Click the link, its' worth it:

So did Jack Bauer stop the 'Hostiles'? Were the public safe? Use the visualisation to explore who were the killers. And this is more evidence that you can truly create a data visualisation out of anything (especially with Tableau).

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