Friday, 27 December 2013

Another disappointing Lions season draws to an end...

As a basketball fan growing up in England, my love of the NBA has been late to bloom. Well, when the time finally came to fall for the game, I first started to watch 'Football' through college games when Suh was dominating every game he played. Yes, I now know his disciplinary record is far from spotless!

Hence, when it came to him being drafted by Detroit, this fitted with me picking a team to follow. Oh why!! I hear you cry... Well for once the crowd is right. Here is my investigation in to whether individual player dominance on the offensive side of the ball brings success (as the other key Lions players are sitting on the offensive side after all). I have gone for a more journalistic style (the first foray of potentially many) to see if I can refine this art form. Thoughts in the comments below please and fingers crossed for next year!

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